Three Business Units one big team with a passion for challenges, for research and innovation to preserve Health and the Environment

Innovation has been the key to Medica's success. Today, it is a multinational company capable of developing electromedical devices, disposable medical devices, hollow fibre membranes and filters for blood and water purification, as well as the automation technologies required for their production. Increasingly high-performance and safe products for the user, advanced and environmentally sustainable technologies for their production.


The innovation and development of blood purification products (Dialysis, CRRT and Apheresis) has been the core business of Medica S.p.A. for almost 40 years. Thanks to the dynamism and technological skills acquired over the years by its two research and development groups (Electromedical Devices & Membranes and Disposable Medical Devices), Medica S.p.A. has successfully entered several other markets, such as Cardiology, Surgical Oncology, Urology and Gastroenterology Diagnostics, by expanding th...

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On the strength of the know-how and technological development gained through extensive experience in blood filtration, today Medica S.p.A.’s Water Division manufactures and distributes two unique hollow-fibre membranes for water purification, which offer complete protection based on the size of the pores and the adsorption capacity of the membranes themselves ...

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A leading manufacturer of medical devices, water purification systems and industrial automation for the biomedical sector, Medica has been operating in the biomedical district of Mirandola (Italy) since 1985, with a vertically integrated structure from R&D to production, sales and after-sales services, including the complex management of the regulatory aspects required for the release of its products on the market.

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